The reasons why people should wear sunglasses and stylish guess sunglasses for women

People love to wear sunglasses nearly every time they leave for office or when traveling from one place to another. The purpose of sunglasses is evident from its name, which is glasses meant to protect the eyes of a person from direct sunlight. Many people wear sunglasses for fashion purposes, but they are many medical reasons why people should wear sunglasses nearly always when they go out in the sun.

The sunglasses help protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays from the sun. Some of the effects which can cause if the eyes are exposed to direct sunlight are

  • Cataracts, which are clouding formed in front of the eye lens, which can blur the vision of the person. Studies show that more than 20% cataracts are caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays
  • Pterygium, tissue can grow around the white part of the eyeball which can change the natural curve of the eyeball which can cause astigmatism
  • Macular degeneration which is caused when the retina is damaged. The macular degeneration also leads to blindness
  • Protects from sand, dust, rain, and snow. People may not be aware, but there is a term called ‘snow blindness’ which is caused when snow reflects the ultraviolet rays from the sun. The sand and dust particles can also discomfort and regular redness of the eyes which is not good

The sunglasses fully cover the eyes and protect the eyes from all the different elements which can damage the eyes and affect the vision of the person. The sunglasses come in numerous shapes, sizes, colors and are different for men and women. The main part of the sunglasses is the lens which comes in different forms such as colored, darkened, and polarized. Sunglasses are one of the common and necessary fashion accessories which are affordable and easy to carry as people have to wear them. People love to adorn sunglasses on sunglasses either going to the office or relaxing near the pool or beach.

The sunglasses are commonly available in every fashion store that sells clothes and other fashion accessories. The sunglasses come in varying shapes, styles, and colors. The women sunglasses are mostly distinguishable due to softer curves of the lens around the arms of the sunglasses and the eyes. The women sunglasses also have a bright and flashy colored lens as compared to men. The women sunglasses also may feature small additional designs and embellishments along the arms of the sunglasses. There are many women who love to buy and adorn designer sunglasses made by some of the most popular fashion designers. The designer sunglasses are known to be quite expensive and worn only by fashion enthusiasts who want to exude a certain personal taste and style.

The quality of the designer sunglasses is much better than ordinary sunglasses sold in fashion stores. The designer sunglasses also offer more protection against the ultraviolet rays as compared to common sunglasses. The designer sunglasses are also known to offer better contrast, reduce lens distortion, and better color representation.

Many of the women like to buy Guess sunglasses because they are unique, stylish, and look beautiful on the face of women. The quality is one thing which is not compromised at all in the designer sunglasses as they last for many years and not easily damaged with excessive heat. The different models of Guess sunglasses that women like to buy and wear are

  • Cat’s eye sunglasses

Women who have pet cats love to wear cat styled sunglasses to show association with their feline pet. The cat’s eye sunglasses have plastic arms and polycarbonate lenses. There are black, brown and maroon variants.

  • Aviator sunglasses

The metal aviator sunglasses are growing quite popular with polycarbonate lenses and bridges. The silver and black variants will suit women best and provide maximum protection from ultraviolet rays

  • Rectangular sunglasses

The rectangular frames have always looked wonderful on women. The rectangular sunglasses have polycarbonate gradient lenses. The black frames with the gold logo is a favorite among many women.

  • Glitter Sunglasses

Nearly every young girl and women love to wear flashy and glittering jewelry or sunglasses to look elegant. The glitter sunglasses come in all the best colors such as pink, purple, and blue and ideal for women who have oval, round, or square face.


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